SafeSquid Secure Web Gateway

SafeSquid is an HTTP(S) Proxy Server specially designed for Deep Content Inspection and Security.
The tight integration of SafeSquid’s protocol and payload security, with the user and client application identification features, makes it an ideal Application Layer Firewall.

  • SafeSquid’s intuitive user interface offers extreme flexibility in configuration options to ensure
    accurate implementation of web security GRC policies.
  • SafeSquid’s open-architecture enables easy integration with a variety of third-party security

SafeSquid complements your existing network security infrastructure to fortify your perimeter defence. Securely distribute internet access with SafeSquid based secure web gateways to your networked users.

How it Works

  • Registration on the SafeSquid Self-Service Portal is free, and instantly gives you a unique Product Activation Key.
  • Use the SafeSquid Self-Service cloud portal to implement your Enterprise CA SSL certificates, and manage your enterprise-specific web-categorization requirements.
  • Download the SAB (SafeSquid Appliance Builder) ISO.
  • Setup your secure web gateway on any virtualization infrastructure like VMware® or Microsoft® Hyper-V OR transform standard Intel® server hardware into secure web gateway appliance.
  • Use the intrinsic WebUI to integrate your SWG to your Directory Services, and policy requirements.
  • Configure proxy-aware applications to use SafeSquid Proxy Service, and transparently redirect traffic from other applications to the Proxy Service.
  • Accord “Bypass” privileges to senior management to enable them in contributing to building up of
    the policy requirements.
  • While your Network Layer Firewalls like UTM / NGFW isolate your enterprise network from the Internet, SafeSquid Proxy Service provides the Secure Web Gateway to the underlying web applications
  • Add any number of gateway nodes to meet your topological and load requirements.

Solution Highlights

  • User consented web access
  • Total defence against security breaches launched via third-party web-site components
  • Cloud-Backed Zero-Day Threat Intelligence And URL Classification
  • Real-Time Pornographic Content Detection
  • Real-Time Malware Defence
  • Custom web-categorization for operational needs
  • Compliance of policies for cyber-slacking prevention
  • Compliance of web-site login governance policies
  • Compliance of SSO regulations for web applications
  • Compliance of data upload risk-mitigation policies
  • Compliance of client application risk-mitigation policies
  • Real-time view of traffic
  • Automatic Policy Replication across all nodes