Internet site is not open in Endian Firewall?

Open an any internet site following symtomn are come :-



Solutions :-

In Endian firewall you can create rule for putty access

How to create rule for putty access?
a)Login Endian firewall

b)Click on Firewall tab.

c)In Firewall click on System Access

d)Create rule
Source Address   –  Any
Source Interface   – Any
Services                – ssh (tcp port -22)

Then download  and run putty  on any machine.

put firewall ip address and port(22)

click on ok

in putty login windows are open

put login username and password

then give a following command

root@efq:~ # cd /usr/share/clamav/
rm -Rf clamav-*
rm main.cvd
rm daily.cvd
rm safebrowsing.cvd
curl -O http://

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