How to Upgrade Cyberoam Firmware from 9.0 version to 10.0version


New folder create on desktop and give a name “migrate data”


Login cyberoam


On dashboard we can see the Software version. Verify the verison  is


Now upgrading version from to 10.01.0667


Take a backup of current cyberoam


Go to System


Manage Data


Backup Data


Click on Backup


Download backupfile


After Download this backup file it’s necessary to migrate data file for using 10.0 version appliance


How to migrate data files?


 Login into customer account by following link:-


After login successfully


Upload backup files


Convert into version 10.0


Download this migration file to migrate data folder on desktop.


Note:- Don’t be afraid when have seen this migration file size is less than original backup files.
Suppose backup file size is 5.6mb and migration file size is 30kb.


How to upgrade the version from 9.0v to 10.0?


Login into customer account by following link:-


Click on “Upgrade”,


 “Select for Version 9.x.x.x to current GA Version 10.00.0xxx Firmware” option.


Ask for saving 10.01.0667 file


save to desktop


Now login cyberoam


Go to help


And click on upload upgrade.


Once upgrade 10.01.0667 file upload  is successfully


Then click on console tab


Login console


Select  Menu no 6 for upgrade version ask upgrade cybeoam to Latest  version


Choose “y” for yes


Then display upgrade from window


Choose no “1” for upgraded from the uploaded file


cyberoam appliance rebooted automatically.


After reboot the appliance


Login cyberoam appliance


Shown version 10.0.0667


Then restore migrate backup


Go to system


Go to maintenance


Go to backup and restore


Select path on migrated backup


Click on Upload