How to Format Linux Operating system

Make sure that machine boot from Cd-Rom.

How to Know Machine boot from Cd-Rom?

After start computer

Continuously Press “Esc” or “F2” or “F1″or “Del” key on keyboard

 enter bios setup

Go to Boot order

select boot option for boot the machine from this drive.

i.e Floppy Drive Or Cd-Rom or Hard Drive

suppose we can choose a Cd-Rom drive means machine boot from Cd-rom

Insert windows 98 Bootable Cd into Cd-Rom

save and exist bios setting

after existing Bios ,the computer will restart and booting from Cd-Rom

Microsoft Windows 98 Startup Menu Windows open

shown is 3 option we can choose “start computer with Cd-Rom support”

When if finishes loading, you will see the above screen with A:.

Type fdisk and then press enter

next window ask for enable large disk support

after enable large disk support

then choose display partion setup information

delet non-dos partition

restart machine

then given a format command

i.e A;>format c: /s /q

after formating the machine

use following command for Grub uninstaller

A:>fdisk /mbr