How to Backup private key in Microsoft IIS 5.0 or IIS 6.0

1. Start > run > MMC

2. Go into the Console menu item > Add/Remove Snap in

3. Click on Add > Double Click on Certificates and Click Add > OK

4. Choose Computer Account

5. Choose Local Computer

6. Open up the Certificates Console Tree

7. Look for a folder called Certificate Enrollment Requests> Certificates

8. Highlight the key that you wish to back up

9. Right click on the file and choose > ALL TASKS > Export

10. Follow the Certificate Export Wizard

11. Choose to mark the Private key as exportable by choosing Yes, export the private key

12. Leave default settings

13. Choose to save file on a set location.

It is important to make a copy of the private key that does not reside on the actual server ; in the event that the server crashes

14. Click Finish

15. You will get message that the export was successful

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