BEWARE: Network Users can put you in a spot of bother!

Keep track of them with Cyberoam’s Proactive Actionable Intelligence

Users form the weakest link in the chain of network security; given a free run they will sabotage your office network, convincingly. Cyberoam’s User Threat Quotient (UTQ) allows you to spot risky users in your network, at a single glance.

Additionally, with Cyberoam’s Identity based reporting you can keep track on user activities with reports such as top users consuming maximum bandwidth for uploads and downloads, top web users, users doing unproductive web surfing, users accessing P2P and other risky applications, top attackers and victims, and more.


CR NG series

CR NG series


Virtual Security Appliances

Comprompt-CyberoamCyberoam Central Console (CCC)

Cyberoam Central Console (CCC)

Comprompt-CyberoamCR iVie(Logging & Reporting)

CR iView (Logging & Reporting)

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