Partner Program

We are looking out for Integration/Development Partner specializing in migrating Legacy Applications (Native/Flex/Silverlight) to HTML5.

As HTML is now a universal UI, apps developed with HTML works on any device, this is the reason every corporate is now moving towards HTML based Apps. We are looking for Development Companies specifically having expertise in Client Side Development Technologies on HTML+JS. If you have developers with knowledge of Flex and Silverlight, then their knowledge will improve the speed of migration.

To apply for Partner Program, you must qualify with following terms,

  • You can qualify only if your primary focus is Custom Software Development.

We are not looking for ISV or Product Implementation Partners.

  1. Your company must be a registered company under Indian Company Act and must have a fixed establishment since minimum 5 years.
  2. Your development team size should be more than 20 programmers.
  3. Your company must have dedicated Project Manager for Projects.
  4. Your Project Managers must use either of following tools
  5. Github
  6. Team Foundation Server (commonly abbreviated to TFS)
  7. Your company must have a testing team, separate from development team with minimum 5 testers.
  8. You must provide 3 references of your verifiable clients and their projects.